Welcome to the site of solar collectors’ manufacturer.

ENSOL has been a manufacturer of solar collectors since 2006.

Previous years of experience of the founders (and currently members of the Board) within the installation and metal construction industries, concern about the environment, global trends considering renewable energy (with their inexhaustible resources), as well as the constantly rising prices of traditional energy sources have inspired us to action, which resulted in our products.

We have been for several years one of the leading manufacturers in the field of solar technology in Poland and Europe. From the beginning, we have introduced the mass production of a very large number of collectors with various solutions concerning the materials and construction of the hydraulics.

Currently we produce collectors with an area of 2m2, 2,6m2, 4m2, 5m2, 6m2, 8m2 and 10m2. Our reserved by European industrial design, innovative solutions for – among others, main profile based on which we produce collectors, have allowed us to create a frame from one bent element of a very rigid (see the trial of a car), robust construction. At the same time this solution means that collectors are very resistant to the influence of atmospheric factor, which has an significant impact on the lifespan of the installation. Our large surface collectors 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10m2 are innovative solutions perfect for large solar installations.

Our technical and production capabilities are also proved by our round solar collector, working within many installations.


We were the first in Poland to produce and certify an aluminum solar collector (profiles, absorber sheet and hydraulics made of aluminum) available in sizes 2m2, 2,6m2 and 4m2. Currently we produce collectors with copper, aluminum and copper-aluminum absorbers using ultrasonic and laser welding.

We produce collectors with harp and meander hydraulic system, in various colours obtained in the process of anodizing, which gives a lifetime durability of coating. As one of few manufacturers we use 4mm thick prismatic glass for our collectors.

All processes related to the production of our products are performed in our machine park in Racibórz. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the field of solar technology and specialized machinery allows us to perform collectors and absorbers also according to customer’s design.

We produce mounting systems for all types of roofs, ground-based installations or elevation for both solar-thermal and photovoltaic installations. We assembly aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel systems also for other manufacturers’ collectors.

In our offer, for several years we have had innovative hybrid collector (in one frame this collector produces both electricity and heat).

We produce solar pump groups with various technical parameters, which ensure and regulate the flow of solar fluid between solar collectors and the tank.

We also have a good quality vacuum tube collectors in our offer.

We also offer complete solar systems with our buffer tanks.

Since the beginning of our activity we cooperate with TUV Rheiland, which is the unit that has examined and certified all of our collectors. Most of our collectors have an international mark of quality called Solar Keymark, they are also included on the BAFA list. According to the examinations and certification of our collectors, they have excellent, distinguishing among many others, parameters of agility and strength.

We cooperate with AGH and the Silesian University of Technology in Cracow, resulting in further innovative solutions. With the help of NCBiR funding we currently perform new projects.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the solar industry in Poland and in Europe.

We cooperate with many reputable companies in the industry.

Our products are available in Poland within OEM sales. Abroad, we have customers in many countries of the European Union, Africa as well as North and South America. We are constantly looking for new customers for our products.

Periodically, we are present at the biggest trade fairs in Europe and in the World (Munich, Frankfurt, Dubai).

We also design solar installations, regardless of size or type of application.

We have been cooperating with many  housing Associations participating in the design and construction of installations for domestic hot water.

Our installations, designed and manufactured using renewable energy sources effectively replace existing sources of heat.

We work with many installation companies which are authorized by us, so that we can perform and service installations throughout the country.

We also offer assistance in obtaining grants available for RES installations.

Guided by the principle of sustainable development and bearing in mind the inexhaustible solar energy resources, we urge the undecided to reach for it, as the sun doesn’t charge for its energy and it certainly never will.

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Photovoltaic installation in the Monastery on Góra Świętej Anny (St. Anne Mountain)

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