On 13 June, 2013 in the gardens of Consulate General in Ostrava XIX. Business Meeting took place, connected with Cooperation Market.

Leading theme of the XIX. Business Meeting in Ostrava was “Chances and possibilities of economic cooperation in Central Europe”.

During the conference there were mentioned themes like (among others): mutual economic cooperation, support programs for entrepreneurs in Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany, presentation of regions taking part in the meeting for investment possibilities, system of vocational education and presentation of proper practices; quality and safety of food, and Polish food on European markets.

During Cooperation Market there was an opportunity to become acquainted with the products of many companies and discover the potential of Poland and Polish entrepreneurs as well as our neighbouring entrepreneurs.

ENSOL was also present on the Cooperation Market presenting a “live” product, i.e. collectors EM2V/2,0 and ES2V/2,0 AL.