General information

Flat collector ENSOL

ENSOL solar collector is designed for the exchange of the solar radiation energy to the thermal energy applied to prepare warm functional water, for heating of water in swimming-pools or for the support of the warmth source in the heating installation.

The structure of the casing of the collector is based on the stiff frame bent from the special, ENSOL patented aluminium profile secured through the anodizing process. The casing is closed from the bottom with aluminium metal sheet, whereas the lid is made from the special, high permeable solar glass. The manner of fixing the glass guarantees the airtightness of the casing and minimizes thermal strains.

An absorber is the main element of the collector. Its plate is made of copper sheet, coated with the high selective, ceramic metal cover eta plus with an aim of providing high level of radiation absorption and consequently, getting the great efficiency in the transformation of the energy process.

The plate of the absorber is connected with the system of copper or aluminium tubes, in which the working substance is circulating, with the use of the method of ultrasonic or laser welding.

Losses of the warmth are minimized by applying the bottom and side isolation made of the rock wool with the low thermal conduction.

Specially designed assembly sets, made of the stainless steel or alumiunium elements, make the mounting of the collectors on roof structures with different pitches easy and solid. Made according to DIN EN 12975.

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